The Serenity Strain

Excerpt from The Serenity Strain by Chris Pourteau

Coming: Feb 23, 2015

But for whatever reason, the law was nowhere to be seen in Conroe. So the crowd of prisoners milled around the front of the courthouse, as it had for hours. The former inmates lay on the steps in their white prison uniforms without a care in the world, like they were loafing on the beach.

In those jumpsuits, they look like spirits lounging around in the dark, thought Stavros. Lazy spirits.

Despite the scene of sloth up the street, the giant speakers of a commandeered public address system blasted out Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party.” Danny Elfman sang about lightning striking him down and then heading to a party for the dead.

Over and over it played. When the song finished, it would start right back up again. Its jerky guitar, schizophrenic drums, and hyper horns seemed at war over the rhythm. The cacophony gnawed at Stavros’ psyche. He was a scientist. When he listened to music at all, he liked beats he could find with his foot. Not noise in the key of chaos.

The prisoners would go into the courthouse in fives and tens, but so many had shown up that a large crowd still waited outside. Once they went in, they never came back out. That seemed strangely appropriate, since Elfman urged partiers to leave their souls behind before entering the revels.

Copyright: Chris Pourteau

Excerpt from The Serenity Strain shared with permission, courtesy of Chris Pourteau

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