Fabled Enigma - G L Briggs

This is a DNF for me. But:


Shame, shame, shame on whoever keeps vandalizing the goodreads database to remove periods after initials from the author name in violation of librarian manual policies. I've seen it changed several times on my goodreads home page with this book in currently reading; ridiculous.  They are attacking the poor dear and fouling up her author and book data on goodreads and obviously whoever is doing it doesn't care what they destroy on goodreads to do so.


That used to never EVER be allowed. Rivka even said on the librarian threads she put a note on this author page. Someone must really have it out for the author to keep trashing her profile.


Plus she has a blurb on her author profile complaining of being attacked and stating that she got her blog feed removed from goodreads—and some asshat put the blog feed back.      It's a claimed goodreads author profile so only author or staff could have put that blurb there (and staff not likely to post bashing goodreads members).


I don't see a problem having the blog feeding to goodreads except that author wanted it removed and got support to remove it.  Now it's back and full of her new book launch marketing posts.  Completely against her wishes.  


She is definitely under attack and whoever is doing it obviously doesn't care how much they vandalize goodreads data to do so.


Screenshot of current author profile showing author knows is being attacked and doesn't want blog enabled:


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