Reflection - Trevor Tomlin

Reflection - an Urban Fantasy story of second sight.
For a young college graduate living near the heart of a major city, Ben Clawson’s life is less than eventful, short of fulfilling, until the day he discovers a mirror in an abandoned building through which he can see his own future.

As Ben begins using the supernatural mirror to his advantage and pieces of what’s to come are revealed, he soon realizes the inherent problem with peering into the future - satisfaction can never truly be had.

Wealth, power and respect become his, but at the cost of turning into something difficult to look at in the mirror. A girlfriend named Sera, who he's recently fallen for, as well as old friends and virtues are lost as he frequents the source of his visions more often. Ultimately, Ben must choose between an unscrupulous, material lifestyle and the people he truly cares about in his life.
***Trevor Tomlin is the pen name of Jonathon Kane (Read Deadly Dee's review of Corpse Days).