Crossing Paths - Jessica Copely

It's your typical Girl meets Boy. Except Girl is already engaged to someone else. It was all impossible from the start.

And yet, Ashley keeps finding herself drawn to Ethan. Life keeps them on a collision course, forcing them to confront their feelings, their choices and their regrets over the span of years. Is it their fate to be together, or will bad timing and bad choices drive them apart for good?

Ashley has never quite known which path to take. She feels the pressure of the one everyone else wanted for her and the one that is risky and unknown, beckoning her with unrealised dreams. But she is stuck — stalled at every crossroad.

How can she choose the right path, when life seems to throw her a curve with every step?

In the space between choice and chance, fighting and giving in, Ashley must learn to find her own way, guided by the dreams — and the people — written on her heart.