About Reversal:

Sasha Wood is thrilled to be spending six months at the isolated International Polar Research Station on Ellesmere Island investigating the resurgence of pack ice growth at the North Pole. Her research partner, Kyle, is surly and depressed that his climate change forecasts are being undermined by the dropping polar temperatures, but Soren, the station caretaker, and his pack of gorgeous sled dogs more than make up for Kyle’s bad moods and the appearance of a new and aggressive breed of polar bears. A storm one night changes everything, as Edie and Cal, a pair of astrophysicists researching shifts in the aurora borealis go missing and everyone wakes up blind.

It soon becomes apparent that they are cut off from the rest of the world, and no help is coming. When Vincent Robinson, the caretaker at the polar research station in Antarctica, walks out of the mist, Sasha and Soren know the world has been turned upside down, literally and figuratively.

Apocalypse Weird

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