We all know Mel does nothing all day except stalk people. When she received a mean message from a scary anonymous person, she used the IP to track down the location of the sender. Next, she stalked FB and Wattpad to find a victim that matched the location. See?



Mel claims she knows he was the one who carpet bombed Avery Duncan's books. You all remember Avery, right? She's the teen author STGRB has repeatedly attacked because Mel has a new friend named Airam. The other day, "Angie" posted for the second time on the hate site and announced her plans to carpet bomb Avery. The comment was approved.



Then we called Mel out on her bullshit and reported the accounts. Suddenly, she wrote this crap that only her duh sheep would believe.



She now claims this guy who was upset about STGRB's attacks on Avery decided to carpet bomb his friend's books. WTF? Mel's evidence is that the sock accounts (including Angie's) were deleted too quickly and GR takes forever when SHE contacts them.



Gee, why would GR ignore Mel's messages? Well I guess they took our messages more seriously.




Oh, snap! Turns out, GR did delete the socks because WE reported them. Mel is wrong (duh) about this person's behavior and she knows it because STGRB approved the Angie comment. Mel supported the carpet bombing of Avery's books until we nailed her and she got spooked.


To quote Mel...very interesting, isn't it?